Monday, December 29, 2008

The Irish Fireside Podcast, Episodes #60 and 61

My music is featured in not one but two episodes of the Irish Fireside Podcast, the ultimate place where you can get the inside scoop on Irish travel and culture. Hosts Corey and Liam are your tour guides in this popular podcast.

In Episode #60—The Giveaway, posted December 14, 2008, my music is played during the details of their 2008 Holiday Giveaway and Irish gift suggestions.

You’ll also want to catch Podcast #61—Merry Christmas, Armagh, Down & the Cooley Peninsula posted December 25, 2008. You can hear “I am a Maid That Sleeps in Love” from my CD Mermaids & Mariners album as Corey reads an excerpt from “Tales from an Irish Hermitage”, a book written by a Sister of Grace with tales of her life living as a solitary nun in Ireland. This episode also includes a fascinating interview that Liam conducted with Michael Carr, former mayor of Newry and Mourne (regions between Belfast and Dublin).

Here are details of the tunes you’ll hear in these two episodes:

Episode #
60—The Giveaway
“The Bold Princess Royal/The Princess Royal” from Mermaids & Mariners “Star of the County Down (Waltz Version)” from Haste to the Wedding And “Considine’s Grove” from A Light in the Forest

Episode #61—Merry Christmas, Armagh, Down & the Cooley Peninsula “I’ll Cross the Stormy Sea” from Mermaids & Mariners And “Star of the County Down (Waltz Version)” from Haste to the Wedding

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Live Elevator Music and Led Zeppelin on a Harp!

You may have heard that I play “Stairway to Heaven” on a harp. Now, my performance has been caught on TV. I also played holiday tunes inside an elevator--“Live Elevator Music” so to speak.

Watch clips of these unbelievable feats from my December 13, 2008, live appearance on Good Day Sacramento, on Sacramento’s KMAX-TV, CW Channel 31. Hosts Cody Stark and Kelly Chapman interview Anne on this entertaining morning show. Here are those three video clips:

My Elevator Interview (The Metallica song was not caught on camera)

My Performance of “Let It Snow”, Live Elevator Music!


My Rendition of Led Zeppelin played on the Celtic Harp—Yes, it can be done!

Special thanks to the entire crew of Good Day Sacramento.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anne’s CDs Recommended in Popular Irish Holiday Gift Guide

Corey and Liam are the hosts of the Irish Fireside website and podcast, your virtual tour of Ireland and all things Irish. And they have just posted their Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2008! They have made a special effort to feature items from passionate artists, crasftspeople and entrepreneurs.

My albums made it near the top of their list, and here is their review:

“When you give one of Anne Roos’ CDs, you are sharing more than the gift of enchanting music. Each disc of Celtic harp music is accompanied by a book with beautiful words and images to support the wondrous journeys you will take with each of her three CDs.”

Enter online to win one of Anne’s CDs, along with other fun Irish gift ideas from the Irish Fireside Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2008.

Look for my CDs on the Cambria Master Recordings label. They are available for purchase online at,, and elsewhere on the Internet. They are also available at retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble and Borders stores. Autographed copies can be purchased at, where speedy holiday shipping is available.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Final Word About MySpace (Not Just a Blog Entry for Musicians)

When I first included entries about MySpace on this blog, I
mentioned to never ever use MySpace (or profiles on any other
social networking sites) as your "official" website. Always buy your
own domain name and use that for your website and email. Why?
Because you don't own MySpace, you haven't paid any money for
your profile there, and MySpace could disappear tomorrow and owe
you nothing.

In his latest podcast, my good friend, David Jackson, talks about a
very disturbing instance where MySpace removed a page. This
happened to a band, but let it be a warning to all business owners
that if you don't own your own domain and depend upon a social
networking profile as your website, your fan list, your calendar, and
your presence on the Internet can vanish into thin air. All those
applications you've used on that profile will be gone.

The wise way to use your social network profiles is to make them
blatant advertisements for your official website at your official

Get the whole story by visiting David Jackson's Musician's Cooler
Podcast #222, called "MySpace - I TOLD YOU SO!".

Do you have your own final thoughts about using your MySpace
page or other social networking profiles for advertising and
promotion? Please share them as a comment below.

Cheers, Anne Roos
Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos