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Dear Friends,

I have received many requests to post downloadable music, and now I am offering free downloads to you!

Join my Celtic Club and you’ll get a special password to a page where you can download a free mp3 of a traditional Celtic tune that I recorded on solo Celtic Harp especially for this website. A new download will be posted every other month or so, along with notes about the tune.

These mp3s are not available on any of my CDs or on iTunes, so you will be receiving something very unique. This is just my way of thanking you for your support.

When you sign up, you will be placed on my e-mail newsletter list. From time to time, you will receive e-mail announcements about my concerts in your area and my newest recordings. If you don’t wish to receive these announcements, you are free to request to be removed from my list.

Enjoy the music!

Anne Roos

Enter the Celtic Club and receive a FREE download here.

All tunes in the Celtic Club are © Anne Roos, 2007. These downloads are for personal use only and not for sale, broadcast, duplication or other non-approved use. Each download is offered for a limited time. Any requests for other uses, please contact