Friday, August 6, 2010

Gold Country Weddings Bridal Fair

Getting married in the Sierra Foothills or South Lake Tahoe?

This is a great opportunity to audition me at this lovely boutique bridal show, inside a beautifully restored mansion, the Sequoia.

I will be performing in Molly’s Parlor and have the entire room to myself to play your favorite wedding selections.

Email me with your request and I’ll play it for you.

Get two admissions for the price of one with your online registration at

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why bagpipes are played at weddings

It’s always a treat to perform on local radio, especially on comedian Howie Nave’s fabulous morning radio show on KRLT called “Howie’s Morning Rush”. Not that we have a morning rush here at Lake Tahoe at all. The pace is slow. And on Howie’s show, the mood is decidedly silly.

Piper Seán Cummings joins me in the interview as we promote our 5th Annual Celtic Concert, part of the Valhalla Summer Music Festival.

Hear Seán and I play “Mist Covered Mountains” (Seán plays the Scottish whistle on that number with me on the Celtic harp). Listen closely and you’ll hear me play a few notes of “Stairway to Heaven”. Find out why bagpipes are played at weddings and laugh along with us.

Thanks, Howie! We had a blast! (click on the links below to listen)

Harpist Anne Roos & bagpipe player Sean Cummings pt 1 (4min 18 sec)
Harpist Anne Roos & bagpipe player Sean Cummings pt 2 (4min 01 sec)