Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put on your Blue Jeans & wear some Velvet for the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, I'm releasing albums that are loaded with your requests. All tracks are solo Celtic harp music, modern popular music you know and love, the songs that my audiences have requested over the past decades (plus a few tracks that may be new to you):

Blue Jeans: Modern Pop on the Solo Harp
New Recording!

When you hear these songs, you'll think, "I didn't know anyone could  play that on a Celtic harp!" This recording includes classic rock, heavy metal, R&B, country, and even a bit of new age music-Ballads that may bring back memories of school days, long-lost friends and teenage crushes. The lovely packaging features a 16-page booklet that contains fun facts about the 22 tracks on the disc.

Velvet: Timeless Standards on the Solo Harp
New Recording!

These are the melodies that will bring you back to the days of old movies, Broadway musicals, and television shows, dating from the early 20th Century all the way to the early 1970s. The gorgeous packaging features a 16-page booklet that contains interesting historical background information about the 25 tracks on the disc.

Like all my recordings, these new albums are available for purchase on amazon.com, CDBaby.com, and at your favorite retail store. These albums, and their individual tracks, are also available for download at iTunes. Visit my website at celticharpmusic.com to receive autographed merchandise sent via speedy delivery for the holidays. In coming days, you'll also find discount specials on my CDs in my website store...

And if you are looking for traditional Celtic harp music, I recommend my popular album A Light in the Forest. It's a recording filled with tunes about the woods and the fascinating creatures that dwell within them--fairies, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, witches, bears, and more. It's packaged inside a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of these creatures and the tunes, filled with vintage artwork and whimsical illustrations.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Concert with Anne Roos

Enjoy a special free performance of winter holiday music and a live sampling of music from my newest CDs, while you take a break from holiday shopping. Email me with your song request, and I may just include it in the program. All of my recordings are featured in the store, and I'll be happy to autograph them for you. They make great gifts!

December 11, 2010 from 6-7:30pm
911 Topsy Lane
Carson City,  Nevada

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Concert & Fundraiser

Here's your chance to experience a free concert--I will play music from my brand new CDs plus your holiday favorites. 

Email me with your song request, and I may just include it in the program. All of my recordings are featured in the store, and I'll be happy to autograph them for you. This event is also a fundraiser for a low-income Sacramento area elementary school.

December 4, 2010    at    3-4:30pm
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
1725 Arden Way at Arden Fair Mall
Sacramento,  California

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Use Live Music at Your Holiday Party and Not Go Into Debt

Looking for a unique way to include music in your holiday plans, but you’re concerned about the cost? Never fear, you can still have music, and it doesn’t need to be the canned variety. Here are some tips:

1. Hold your party on a weekday or weeknight—Extended lunch or after work office parties can make your parties more affordable. Professional bands and musicians may give you a discount when your party doesn’t land on busy holiday weekends. After all, there are only four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but there are oodles of weekdays to choose from.

2. Make your party a fundraiser, too—Why not raffle off some donated gifts for a good cause? Collect cookies for overseas soldiers or canned food for the hungry? Fundraisers bring out the best in party providers—Your musicians, your caterers, and others may offer you a discount for helping to make your fundraiser a success.

3. Go to the schools—Can’t afford a professional musician or band? Go to your local music store for suggestions from music teachers. Hire student musicians from the local college to play at your party. Ask the local community madrigal group or the local 6th grade chorus to sing carols to your guests. You get the idea...

4. Get your guests into the act—The holidays are a great time for everyone to revel. Print up lists of common holiday songs and carols. Invite a soloist (a pianist or guitarist, for instance) to accompany your guests and get everyone singing in the right key. That soloist can even be a member of your guest list. Great tip: a soloist charges a lot less money than an entire band or ensemble. A soloist may even be cheaper than a DJ!

I’ve just gotten started on this list. Do you have some additional wonderful, inexpensive options for including live music in your holiday festivities? We’d love to hear about them....

Anne :-)

And if you are interested in having me perform at your party, contact me and check this out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Party Time!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, because I’ve been getting ready with brand new CDs available over the holidays!

I’m hosting a CD Release Cocktail Party and Fundraiser and you’re invited! My two new CDs make great gifts for the holidays, and by attending, you’ll have bragging rights to be the first to own them. I hope to see you there on the evening of November 20th here at South Shore Tahoe.

Want to know more about these recordings? Well, you’ll just have to attend to find out...

Entertainment will be provided by Screenbooth Lake Tahoe and JJ Entertainment, who will be playing tracks from these new recordings for your listening enjoyment.

And I’m teaming up with Bread and Broth, a non-profit organization whose mission is to feed the hungry locally, here at South Lake Tahoe. Gift baskets will be raffled off at the party, and the proceeds will help Bread & Broth provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

No worries if you can’t make it—I’ll let you know when these CDs are available online for sale. And if you are planning to attend, please RSVP so that I don’t run out of food :-)

Anne :-)