Monday, November 21, 2011

My Thanksgiving Gifts to You!

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving Day is this coming Thursday. It's a day when we all pause to be grateful for the blessings in our lives.

You can express your gratitude to your loved ones by sending a wonderful e-card. My gift of thanks to you, my readers, is a free, 6-month subscription to Rubber Chicken E-Cards. Click here for your gift subscription.

Or, you can send a card expressing your gratitude to those special people in your life using a unique Banjo Bunny E-Card. To send a beautiful e-card filled with my Celtic Harp Music click here.

Don't know how to express yourself in words to show your gratitude? Try using a bit of Shakespeare--Visit my newest blog for a hand in how to wax elegant like the Bard.

And finally, here's a way to save some money. And you don't need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for shopping deals...I have a big sale at my website. Huge discounts on everything--CDs and books! But this sale ends at midnight, Thursday night, Thanksgiving. This sale is for the early shopper. So go there now and save, before the sale ends Friday.

Many blessings to you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to be Frugal Without Being Cheap--Plus A Special Gift!

November is here, the stores are stocking holiday gift items, and most of us start looking at our bank accounts to determine what we can afford. It's trendy to save money, and everyone understands this. But there is a big difference between saving money and being frugal and pinching pennies to be cheap. Frugal looks good and is trendy. Cheap looks like you really didn't want to bother in the first place. You can always purchase an inexpensive gift that looks like you put some thought into it.

Find out what your friends and loved ones really want, then start shopping for bargains now. And if that item is completely outside of your pocketbook, get creative. I don't mean resorting to "junk", the stuff that you wouldn't want to receive yourself. Give gifts that would last. Music, movies, and events that create a memory. Here are some creative ideas from My favorite fun gift sites include Liam Hughes Shard Jewelry and On Purpose, but that's just my style of gift-giving. Really, just Googling the kind of gift someone wants to receive will take you to sites that may contain some inexpensive choices.

Rule of thumb: Don't give anyone something you wouldn't want to receive yourself. Ask yourself before you buy, "Does this gift look cheap?", or "Will this gift make me look like a cheapskate?"

An inexpensive, but in no way "cheap" way out of buying a gift is to send a card. Wonderful e-card sites enable you to send the perfect gift cards to your friends without paying postage and getting hand cramps from writing. If you love harp music, go to Sylvia Woods' website and send wonderful harp e-postcards. Send a uniquely magical e-card from Banjo Bunny, including a wonderful Thanksgiving e-card containing my music! Many thanks to Susan, the head Bunny (and gifted animator) at Banjo Bunny!

Since you've read along this far, I have a special thank-you for you, my wonderful blog readers. It's something you can use today, and you can consider it my early holiday gift to you! My good friend Steve, the "head chicken" of, has included my music in a couple of his cards, a lovely encouragement card and one featuring Louise the Angel.

Louise the Angel

Now, as an expression of thanks, he has gifted me with something that I am passing along to you:

Way cool, huh? I love these e-cards, and you will too. Send as many Rubber Chicken e-cards as you want over the next six months for f*ree!

Next post will contain more frugal (not cheap) tips for your holiday parties and upcoming weddings! Have some ideas you'd like me to share? Post them here or contact me!

Anne :-)

P.S.--Of course, the folks at Rubber Chicken Cards hope you'll love their cards and continue using them even after six months. But this is a f*ree subscription with no strings attached (bad harp pun). Just go there and enjoy sending those cards!

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