Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Banjo Bunny E-cards

I'm pleased and tickled to announce that my music is now part of Banjo Bunny's land of whimsical, inventive, and funny animated Internet greeting cards!

For all my friends in the U.S., you'll find my music embedded in Banjo Bunny's newest Thanksgiving e-card, "Grateful Harp". This card is graced with the song "Epping Forest", an old English dance tune dating back to 1670. The full version of this tune is a track from my A Light in the Forest album. What a fabulous way to sample the tune! (You can purchase it as a download on iTunes and at

Like multiplying bunnies, there are many more e-cards on their way that will include my music. Hop on over to to start sending those magical cards to friends and loved ones for the holidays!

Check out A Light in the Forest and all of my CDs on many online stores such as and They are also available for purchase at retail outlets like Barnes and Noble Booksellers and Borders stores.

Autographed albums can be purchased at, the only place where you can buy three of my CDs for the price of two--a money saving option for holiday gifts. Inexpensive shipping is available (U.S. Media Mail) as well as speedier shipping options that allow for tracking.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Shopping Concert

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. And just for my Sacramento area friends, here's a way that you can take a little break from it all...

I'll be performing a special Holiday Shopping Concert at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the Arden Faire Mall on November 28th, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. The store will be decked out for the holidays (and so will I).

Enjoy this FREE afternoon performance of winter holiday music and even take part in helping me decide what to play. Email me your song request and I might just include it in my program.

All of my CDs, along with my book, are featured in the store, and I'll be happy to autograph your purchases for you (if you are looking for little gifts under $20, my CDs are perfect).

Bring your friends and family! I look forward to seeing you there.

Here are the Details:

Holiday Shopping Concert

DATE: Saturday, November 28, 2009
TIME: noon-2 pm
WHERE: Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 1725 Arden Way at Arden Faire Mall, Sacramento, California
FOR MORE INFO: Phone (916)565-0644 and visit the Barnes & Noble online for map and directions.

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,
P.S.--Would you like to hear a sampling of Celtic harp music? Whether you are attending this concert or not, there's a free harp music download waiting for you at my website.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Irish Hanky

Irish brides usually carry a linen handkerchief down the aisle to catch their bridal tears, a custom that may have started bylinen companies in Norhern Ireland.

These companies suggest that the hanky cam be saved as a christening bonnet for the couple's first baby and that the child can in turn, use the hanky for her own wedding. In this way, the hanky turns into a family heirloom as it carries many generations of tears of happiness. Tying a piece of rosemary to this family hanky symbolizes remembrance of those who used it in the past.

Copyright © 2005 by Anne Roos, excerpt from the liner notes to "Haste to the Wedding" CD, available on the Cambria Master Recordings Label. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Bell of Truce

The tradition of the bell of truce comes from the peasants in the west of Ireland, but it may also be attributed to St. Patrick. He thought the sound of a bell ringing would help perform miracles.

In a wedding ceremony, the bell of truce is blessed and presented to the bride and groom by the ceremony officiant. The couple is asked to give the bell a good hardy ring while thinking of each other and their future together. It's then taken home as a reminder of the wedding day. Whenever arguments arise, the rining of this bell sounds a truce. It serves as a reminder of the couple's wedding vows.

A bell of tuce also provides a decorative addition to the wedding ceremony an to the home-it may be made of Irish crystal, pewter, or iron.

Your heart is never away,
But ever with mine, for ever,
For ever without endeavour,
To-morrow, love, as to-day;
Two blent hearts never astray,
Two souls no power may sever,
Together, O my love, for ever.

D.G. Rossetti

Copyright © 2005 by Anne Roos, excerpt from the liner notes to "Haste to the Wedding" CD, available on the Cambria Master Recordings Label. All rights reserved.