Friday, December 10, 2010

Anne Roos and Stairway to Heaven on the Celtic Harp

Leave it to Anne Roos to bring us something completely unexpected on the Celtic harp. Both of her two new CDs break from traditional harp tunes and take us to the world of modern popular music.

In “Blue Jeans: Modern Pop on the Celtic Harp,” Anne plays her most requested songs from the 1950s to present. These are the tunes we seem to inherently know and can’t resist singing and humming along with.

The CD is packed with 22 songs originally performed by greats such as Sting, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton and James Taylor to name a few.

“Unchained Melody” and “Killing Me Softly” are particularly well-suited for the Celtic harp. For a real treat though, her version of Metalica’s “The Unforgiven” and “I’ll be There,” the song made famous by a young Michael Jackson, may turn up as surprise favorites.

For “Velvet: Timeless Standards on the Solo Harp,” Anne turns her strings to modern classic tunes from Broadway and Hollywood. Hearing how effortlessly they seem to transfer to the Celtic harp serves as a testament to the skill of some of the finest songwriters of this Century… including Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers and Mancini, combined with the skill of Anne Roos herself.

With 25 classics, Anne is on her way to translating the American Songbook to the Celtic harp. And who doesn’t stop in their tracks upon hearing the first chords of “Strangers in the Night,” “When I Fall in Love,” “As Time Goes By” and “That’s Amoré!”

Get a new perspective of Celtic harp music with a listen to “You Belong to Me,” “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Love is Here to Stay.” Or give yourself a real challenge… try not singing along when you hear Anne play “Moon River.”

Both CDs are available at Anne’s website

This is originally posted on Irish Fireside Blog and Podcast

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put on your Blue Jeans & wear some Velvet for the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, I'm releasing albums that are loaded with your requests. All tracks are solo Celtic harp music, modern popular music you know and love, the songs that my audiences have requested over the past decades (plus a few tracks that may be new to you):

Blue Jeans: Modern Pop on the Solo Harp
New Recording!

When you hear these songs, you'll think, "I didn't know anyone could  play that on a Celtic harp!" This recording includes classic rock, heavy metal, R&B, country, and even a bit of new age music-Ballads that may bring back memories of school days, long-lost friends and teenage crushes. The lovely packaging features a 16-page booklet that contains fun facts about the 22 tracks on the disc.

Velvet: Timeless Standards on the Solo Harp
New Recording!

These are the melodies that will bring you back to the days of old movies, Broadway musicals, and television shows, dating from the early 20th Century all the way to the early 1970s. The gorgeous packaging features a 16-page booklet that contains interesting historical background information about the 25 tracks on the disc.

Like all my recordings, these new albums are available for purchase on,, and at your favorite retail store. These albums, and their individual tracks, are also available for download at iTunes. Visit my website at to receive autographed merchandise sent via speedy delivery for the holidays. In coming days, you'll also find discount specials on my CDs in my website store...

And if you are looking for traditional Celtic harp music, I recommend my popular album A Light in the Forest. It's a recording filled with tunes about the woods and the fascinating creatures that dwell within them--fairies, trolls, nymphs, leprechauns, witches, bears, and more. It's packaged inside a 31-page hardcover book describing the folk history and legends of these creatures and the tunes, filled with vintage artwork and whimsical illustrations.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Concert with Anne Roos

Enjoy a special free performance of winter holiday music and a live sampling of music from my newest CDs, while you take a break from holiday shopping. Email me with your song request, and I may just include it in the program. All of my recordings are featured in the store, and I'll be happy to autograph them for you. They make great gifts!

December 11, 2010 from 6-7:30pm
911 Topsy Lane
Carson City,  Nevada

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Concert & Fundraiser

Here's your chance to experience a free concert--I will play music from my brand new CDs plus your holiday favorites. 

Email me with your song request, and I may just include it in the program. All of my recordings are featured in the store, and I'll be happy to autograph them for you. This event is also a fundraiser for a low-income Sacramento area elementary school.

December 4, 2010    at    3-4:30pm
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
1725 Arden Way at Arden Fair Mall
Sacramento,  California

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Use Live Music at Your Holiday Party and Not Go Into Debt

Looking for a unique way to include music in your holiday plans, but you’re concerned about the cost? Never fear, you can still have music, and it doesn’t need to be the canned variety. Here are some tips:

1. Hold your party on a weekday or weeknight—Extended lunch or after work office parties can make your parties more affordable. Professional bands and musicians may give you a discount when your party doesn’t land on busy holiday weekends. After all, there are only four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but there are oodles of weekdays to choose from.

2. Make your party a fundraiser, too—Why not raffle off some donated gifts for a good cause? Collect cookies for overseas soldiers or canned food for the hungry? Fundraisers bring out the best in party providers—Your musicians, your caterers, and others may offer you a discount for helping to make your fundraiser a success.

3. Go to the schools—Can’t afford a professional musician or band? Go to your local music store for suggestions from music teachers. Hire student musicians from the local college to play at your party. Ask the local community madrigal group or the local 6th grade chorus to sing carols to your guests. You get the idea...

4. Get your guests into the act—The holidays are a great time for everyone to revel. Print up lists of common holiday songs and carols. Invite a soloist (a pianist or guitarist, for instance) to accompany your guests and get everyone singing in the right key. That soloist can even be a member of your guest list. Great tip: a soloist charges a lot less money than an entire band or ensemble. A soloist may even be cheaper than a DJ!

I’ve just gotten started on this list. Do you have some additional wonderful, inexpensive options for including live music in your holiday festivities? We’d love to hear about them....

Anne :-)

And if you are interested in having me perform at your party, contact me and check this out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Party Time!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, because I’ve been getting ready with brand new CDs available over the holidays!

I’m hosting a CD Release Cocktail Party and Fundraiser and you’re invited! My two new CDs make great gifts for the holidays, and by attending, you’ll have bragging rights to be the first to own them. I hope to see you there on the evening of November 20th here at South Shore Tahoe.

Want to know more about these recordings? Well, you’ll just have to attend to find out...

Entertainment will be provided by Screenbooth Lake Tahoe and JJ Entertainment, who will be playing tracks from these new recordings for your listening enjoyment.

And I’m teaming up with Bread and Broth, a non-profit organization whose mission is to feed the hungry locally, here at South Lake Tahoe. Gift baskets will be raffled off at the party, and the proceeds will help Bread & Broth provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

No worries if you can’t make it—I’ll let you know when these CDs are available online for sale. And if you are planning to attend, please RSVP so that I don’t run out of food :-)

Anne :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Harvest Love Knots

"Drawing by John Roos ©2005"
In Northern Ireland, young men and women would take long braids of straw and twist them into deocrative knots. These harvest knots were then given as love tokens for men to wear on their lapels and women to wear in their hair. When one's lover accepred a harvest knot, it was assumed that a wedding would follow in the next spring.

Today, love knots are made with raffia and adorned with flowers and colorful ribbons. They are used as a boutonniere for the groom, worn in the bride's hair, attached to the bride's bouquet, and even used as napkin rings for the reception feast.

Copyright © 2005 by Anne Roos, excerpt from the liner notes to "Haste to the Wedding" CD, available on the Cambria Master Recordings Label. All rights reserved.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can you read between the lines?

In the lyrics to the traditional Irish Percy French song, "Come Back Paddy Reilly,", who could it be who is calling for him to, "come back to me"? Could it be Percy French, Paddy's horse, or perhaps an unknown lover who isn't included in the lyrics?

See if you can read between the lines and figure out the lyrics of the newest download! This complimentary solo Celtic harp tune can be found in the section of my website called the Celtic Club. If you're already a member, go to the login page, enter your email address and password, and enjoy! (If you forgot your password, notify me).

If you're not yet a member, there is no cost or obligation to receive this download. When you sign up, you'll get a solo Celtic harp tune for your own use plus interesting background information about the tune. After you receive your first download, I'll drop you a line whenever there is a new tune posted.

The free download in the Celtic Club is just a sample of what I play. You can now purchase complete album downloads at my website, too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celtic Holiday Gift Baskets

I’ll admit that I haven’t put a lot of time into my postings as of late....I have two new CDs coming out that should be available for your holiday shopping! So, I’ve been thinking about creating holiday gift baskets to add to my website store.

Of course I’ll include my CDs, and here are some of the other items I am thinking of including:

• One or two tea cups filled with Irish Breakfast tea bags
• A Celtic bookmark
• Celtic beads or pendants
and ???

What would you like to see in my Celtic music holiday gift baskets?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gold Country Weddings Bridal Fair

Getting married in the Sierra Foothills or South Lake Tahoe?

This is a great opportunity to audition me at this lovely boutique bridal show, inside a beautifully restored mansion, the Sequoia.

I will be performing in Molly’s Parlor and have the entire room to myself to play your favorite wedding selections.

Email me with your request and I’ll play it for you.

Get two admissions for the price of one with your online registration at

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why bagpipes are played at weddings

It’s always a treat to perform on local radio, especially on comedian Howie Nave’s fabulous morning radio show on KRLT called “Howie’s Morning Rush”. Not that we have a morning rush here at Lake Tahoe at all. The pace is slow. And on Howie’s show, the mood is decidedly silly.

Piper Seán Cummings joins me in the interview as we promote our 5th Annual Celtic Concert, part of the Valhalla Summer Music Festival.

Hear Seán and I play “Mist Covered Mountains” (Seán plays the Scottish whistle on that number with me on the Celtic harp). Listen closely and you’ll hear me play a few notes of “Stairway to Heaven”. Find out why bagpipes are played at weddings and laugh along with us.

Thanks, Howie! We had a blast! (click on the links below to listen)

Harpist Anne Roos & bagpipe player Sean Cummings pt 1 (4min 18 sec)
Harpist Anne Roos & bagpipe player Sean Cummings pt 2 (4min 01 sec)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When Are the Best Times to Visit Ireland to Experience Traditional Music and Dance?

Here’s some great information from our guest bloggers, Kathy and Travis Nelson. They have traveled to Ireland several times and produce the Engaging Ireland podcast, where you can find travel tips, guides to places of interest, interviews and all things Ireland. You can view their blog and listen to their podcast at, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Kathy and Travis are also amateur photographers. A sampling of their work can be found at Here’s their article about some of the most popular Irish music festivals. Enjoy! (Note: If you’d like to know how to pronounce some of the Gaelic terms in this article, go to

It’s difficult to think about Ireland without thinking about music and dance. And if you’re thinking about Irish traditional music and dance and will be making a trip to Ireland, you should schedule a fleadh or two in your itinerary. While fleadh simply means “festival,” fleadh cheoil is a festival of music.

There are many fleadhanna (the plural of fleadh) held in Ireland each year. Cavan plays host in 2010 to arguably the largest festival of the year, Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann (which means “Festival of Music in Ireland”). Visit for more information about this fabulous festival, which will include not only music and dance but other art forms as well. Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann are the organizers of this and many other Irish traditional music and culture events around the world. Visit their website at to learn more.

Fleadh Nua started in Dublin in 1970 but moved across the country in 1974 and is now held in Ennis each May. The Ennis fleadh events are held over one week and take place mainly in the medieval town centre. Pub sessions and céilís are an integral part of this festival, and you may encounter some well-known artists and performers as you wind your way through the narrow streets of Ennis and drift from pub to pub. If you’ll be in the West of Ireland at the end of any given May, check out the Fleadh Nua website at to see what’s on tap.

Over the May bank holiday weekend (the bank holiday is the first Monday in May), you’ll want to visit the lovely town of Abbeyfeale near the southern tip of County Limerick for the Fleadh by the Feale. This fleadh includes opportunities for storytellers to ply their craft. To learn more about the Fleadh by the Feale, visit their website at

If you’re a fan of the pipes, you’ll want to visit Armagh in November to take in the International Piping Festival (  The festival is organised by the Armagh Pipers Club and brings together traditional instruments from all over the world.

No matter what time of year you visit Ireland, be sure to check for festivals and events in the areas on your itinerary. If there are no scheduled festivals, you’re sure to find a pub session or céilí wherever the wind blows you. Slan!

Monday, July 12, 2010

How you Can Use Irish Music in Your Podcasts

Here's a novel use of my music: Corey and Liam from the Irish Fireside Blog and Podcast used my sprightly rendition of “The Gold Ring” from my A Light in the Forest CD for their July 7, 2010 Ireland travel video “Liam's Horse Ride Through Knockahopple in Ireland”. It's Liam's first lesson driving a horse and gig. Will he end up in a ditch? You've got to click here to view the video and find out...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tips on how to hire a wedding musician

It's June and wedding season here in the U.S.--and if you are still looking for wedding music, consider hiring musicians instead of using the iPod stereo or pre-recorded music.

Need reasons? Blog author Amanda Williams offers several reasons:

1. Live bands are great for getting guests to interact with each other.

2. They are more likely to remember the band that played at the wedding than any sort of prerecorded music.

3. You will get the most for your money if you are willing to hire a band. This is especially true if you are choosing a band that plays requests or follows a set playlist.

She also says, "After you have experienced a live band performing at your event, you may never want to have prerecorded music played at another event afterward." Read more at Merchant Solutions IQ.

And if you need tips on how to hire a harpist, string trio or quartet, check out Lianne McCombs blog.

And for more info, my new book, "The Bride's Guide to Musicians: Live Wedding Music Made Easy and Affordable" is now available for pre-sale on

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celtic Harp Music at a Tea Party

May is a perfect time for tea parties! I performed at Dr. June Scofield’s tea party at Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant in Placerville, California, on May 13th. Guests were encouraged to wear big Victorian-style hats, and you can see the hat I chose for the occasion below. We played a round of “Name that Tune”, where I performed songs from Broadway and the movies for everyone to guess their titles. Dr. June knows how to throw a great party!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Day at Cain’s Crossing Renaissance Faire

Some of my earliest performance experiences were at the nation’s first Renaissance Pleasure Faire held in Agoura, California. Since then, I caught the performance bug and was hooked on playing at Ren faires throughout California with my trusty harp.

My latest performances were at the Cain’s Crossing Renaissance Faire in Auburn, California on Mother’s Day. Fairgoers and performers alike dress in Renaissance period clothing and celebrate the heraldry of 1500s England. Visitors mingled with royalty, cheered for dueling sword fighters, bartered with merchants, indulged in wonderful foods, and of course, experienced my silly brand of humor coupled with historical Renaissance period harp music.

Here are a few photos from Mother’s Day at Ren faire. First, a close-up of me playing on stage:

This photo answers the question: How do you hug a man on stilts? Answer: Very carefully so that he doesn’t topple over.

And this is by far, my favorite moment of the entire faire. Yes, I actually played in the rain with the help of two good Samaritans. That’s me on the stage with Katy on the left and Wanda on the right. (Hmmm. What was on Wanda’s mind while she was holding that umbrella?)

This final photo shows me with a few of my faire friends. That’s me, bottom left, sitting next to Sandy (who has performed as good Queen Bess in past faires). Bob is standing on the left, with Eric the pirate, on the right. My roadie, Marni, stands in the middle, looking like she's having a grand time. Thanks, Marni, for taking the great pictures above and helping me out in the rain at Ren Faire!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celtic Top 5 Charts

Want your latest fix of Celtic music? A great podcast to listen to is the Irish and Celtic Music podcast, hosted by Marc Gunn. Get it on iTunes and from Celtic Music Podcast. You can also vote for your favorite Celtic tunes to appear on the Celtic Top 5 Page. Take a listen and tell Marc I said, "Hello!"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gift ideas for Brides

Gifts for brides and moms can be unique and timeless when you look for something with a bit of Celtic flair. The ancient Celts created illustrations of complex interlacing, unending patterns, knots, and animal designs, all interconnected with unbroken lines. They believed that the more these lines interlaced each other..., the greater their protection against eveil. The unbroken lines symbolize infinity.

Look for unique Celtic jewelry from Moonstone Jewelry . Another one of my favorites is Deep Creek Celtic Company . These companies also have specials available to Facebook folks.

Finally, there's my friend Liam's unique jewelry fashioned from shards of vintage Irish china. Check them all out and find something wonderful for the ladies in your life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Elevator Music, But Rather Elevating Music

If you want to find out all things Celtic music, you’ve got to check out The CelticMusicFan’s Weblog. I received a stellar review in this popular online blog--“I have heard most of her songs...and I tell you, this is something that you will not want to miss. This is not elevator music but rather elevating music.”

Read more at Celticmusicfan's Weblog

The Celtic Music Fan blogmaster Jose Rommel “baxter” Labatos first fell in love with Enya’s Watermark album and then he just started collecting anything and everything Celtic music. Baxter created a blog to connect with others who also love Celtic music. The Celtic Music Fan’s Blog, a collection of album reviews and artist interviews, is fast becoming the one stop place to find out what’s new in Celtic music on the Internet.

My CDs are available for purchase online at,, and elsewhere on the Internet. They are also available at retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble and Borders stores. Autographed copies can be purchased at Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos.

The Musician’s Guide to Brides: How to Make Money Playing Weddings is also available for purchase at Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos. It’s published by Hal Leonard Books and can also be bought at any book, music or online store, including,, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonder how I got my start playing the harp?

Here's a great pose with host Cody Stark of the Good Day Sacramento TV show. I played there on the morning of February 14, 2010. View a clip from that show on their website. And here is another short clip from that show, too. Learn how I got started playing the harp, check out Cody's holiday interview of me. Visit the video page of Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos for many more videos.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interesting Facts About The Emerald Isle

I just recently came across this blog and I wanted to share the posting with you. You can read the original post here.

Irish Flag
Ireland’s national flag know as the tricolour (three colours) and has three equal vertical bands of green, white and orange. The green symbolises Nationalism, the white symbolises Peace and the orange symbolises Unionism, therefore the national flag of Ireland represents peace between Nationalists and Unionists.

President Flag
The national flag of the President of Ireland is a blue flag with a silver stringed gold harp. The blue background represents Saint Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. Although St. Patrick is often depicted in green garments, before the 20th century the saint was more often shown wearing blue garments. This flag represent “the Ancient Colours of Ireland”.

National Anthem of Ireland
The National Anthem of Ireland is called Amhrán na bhFiann which means ‘The Soldiers Song’. Amhrán na bhFiann was very popular among Irish republicans, and was sung by rebels in the General Post Office also known as the GPO during the Easter Rising of 1916. The song became the official state anthem in 1926.

The anthem of the Irish rugby home team is called ‘Ireland’s Call’ and at matches played in the Republic of Ireland both Amhrán na bhFiann and Ireland’s Call are sung, elsewhere, Ireland’s Call is the only anthem used in recognition of the need for a unifying anthem and has also been adopted by the Irish Cricket, Hockey and Rugby Union teams.

The Shamrock
The shamrock is a three-leafed clover and is a world-renowned symbol of Ireland. The Shamrock was used by Saint Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland) to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish. Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated throughout the world each year on March 17th and it is tradition that people wear a shamrock on their clothing and dress in green to honour Saint Patrick and celebrate being Irish, like we need a reason! Shamrocks are said to bring good luck.

Celtic Cross
A Celtic cross is a symbol of a cross with a circle surrounding the intersection of the cross. The cross often appears in different shapes, sizes, and in many different styles. It is said that Saint Patrick was also the founder of the Celtic cross and that he used the ’sun cross’ as an example to explain to pagans the importance of the cross.

Today the Celtic cross is used for individual reasons like jewellery, T-shirts and tattoos, grave markers and head stones to name a few. Versions of the Celtic cross are also used by the GAA / Gaelic Athletic Association and the Northern Ireland national football team.

About Mairead Foley
Mairead writes for - Ireland’s leading travel and accommodation website.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gold Country Bridal Fair

Getting married in the Sierra Foothills or South Lake Tahoe?

This is a great opportunity to audition  me at this lovely boutique bridal show, inside a beautifully restored mansion, the Sequoia Restaurant. I will be performing in Molly’s Parlor and have the entire room to myself to perform your favorite wedding selections. If you plan to attend, email me, and I’ll play your request for you. Admission is just $5. Click here for the Gold Country Bridal Fair.

February 21, 2010 from 11 am-3 pm

Where you will find me:
Sequoia Restaurant
643 Bee St.
Placerville, California

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Totally Off-Topic Comfort Food Dessert Recipe

Okay, so this recipe isn’t Celtic in origin, but it’s absolutely wonderful. Here’s Real Vanilla Rice Pudding! The recipe is supplied by my husband, who likes to be know as “Mr. Bakerman”. Enjoy!

Serve this dish warm or cold You can add a cinnamon stick while the rice is cooking, or just top it off with a few raisins, sliced almonds, or fresh berries. This recipe makes up to 8 servings, depending upon the size of your servings.

1 ½ C. water
¾ C. basmati rice
¼ teas. salt
3 C. whole milk
1 C. heavy whipping cream
½ C sugar
½ vanilla bean, split down the center lengthwise

How to do it:

Bring the water rice and salt to a boil in a saucepan over medium/high heat. Once it’s boiling, cover the pan, turn the temp to low, and simmer for about 10 minutes. Simmer a little longer if the water is not absorbed.

Add the milk, cream, and sugar. Scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and then drop the bean in. Bring up the heat to medium and keep on cooking and stirring until it has reached the creamy texture that suits you (should take about 35 minutes). When done, remove the vanilla bean, add toppings, and serve.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Celtic Harp Valentine's Day TV Performance with Anne Roos!

Ooo la la! Romantic music played by Anne Roos on the Celtic harp on Valentine's Day! Tune in to the Good Day Sacramento Show on the CW Channel 31 and receive a harp serenade. The program is aired live throughout the greater Sacramento area, and video may also appear on their website after the broadcast.

Sunday from 7-10 am
Feb 14, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Irish Fireside, 2009 a Year in Review

I was recently featured in the 2009 Ireland Travel Review from the Irish Fireside. Here are just a few of the Roadtrip Highlights:

Irish Oatmeal Soap
John Wayne Birthplace
Liam Sings with the McMurrows
Celtic Harp with Anne Roos
Visit to America’s Oldest Irish Store

I had a great time visiting with Corey and Liam last February. You can check out the video of their visit at