Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Day at Cain’s Crossing Renaissance Faire

Some of my earliest performance experiences were at the nation’s first Renaissance Pleasure Faire held in Agoura, California. Since then, I caught the performance bug and was hooked on playing at Ren faires throughout California with my trusty harp.

My latest performances were at the Cain’s Crossing Renaissance Faire in Auburn, California on Mother’s Day. Fairgoers and performers alike dress in Renaissance period clothing and celebrate the heraldry of 1500s England. Visitors mingled with royalty, cheered for dueling sword fighters, bartered with merchants, indulged in wonderful foods, and of course, experienced my silly brand of humor coupled with historical Renaissance period harp music.

Here are a few photos from Mother’s Day at Ren faire. First, a close-up of me playing on stage:

This photo answers the question: How do you hug a man on stilts? Answer: Very carefully so that he doesn’t topple over.

And this is by far, my favorite moment of the entire faire. Yes, I actually played in the rain with the help of two good Samaritans. That’s me on the stage with Katy on the left and Wanda on the right. (Hmmm. What was on Wanda’s mind while she was holding that umbrella?)

This final photo shows me with a few of my faire friends. That’s me, bottom left, sitting next to Sandy (who has performed as good Queen Bess in past faires). Bob is standing on the left, with Eric the pirate, on the right. My roadie, Marni, stands in the middle, looking like she's having a grand time. Thanks, Marni, for taking the great pictures above and helping me out in the rain at Ren Faire!

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