Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Wonderful Review from a Wonderful Friend

I was very excited and happy when my very good friend Kris of
Hanai Music
sent me this review she had written on my book
"A Musicians Guide to Brides".

I would like to share it with you as well. Here it is as follows:

Dear Anne:

First of all, I've got to say WOW! What a GREAT job you did.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to making money with
music that I've ever read. It's amazing that you put all of this
together. It shows your attention to details, organization and
planning skills are second to none.

Although I too make a living with music, the scope of your Guide
to Brides
goes far beyond other volumes that proclaim to be the
'magic key' to making money with music. Weddings, receptions and
rehearsals require a much more professional approach by the
musician, which is explained and detailed in your book.

There are many excellent points, ideas and tips that should be

1. ) Your real-life stories are funny and clearly illustrate
your point. You always learn more when you laugh. You're not
afraid to share your embarrassing moments if it can help others
learn from it.

2. ) I love that each section is clearly numbered and indexed.
Too many authors just jot down a running commentary which is
poorly laid out for studying.

3. ) Every chapter can be utilized separately such as "Setting
Your Fees" or "Writing an Agreement". When taken as a whole, the
entire book is a superb guide for weddings, but almost every
chapter can be used OUTSIDE of the wedding format.

4. ) Your forms are wonderful. You've made this truly
interactive for the reader to clarify THEIR goals, equipment,
advertising and promotion ideas, while pointing them in the most
effective direction to accomplish them.

5. ) Best of all, you help eliminate the guesswork of what to
expect, how to communicate and exactly what to bring to cover all

At first I was excited about a possibility for another source of
income, but I realized after finishing that I should probably
AVOID accepting weddings, because of some of MY limitations
musically. But the lists, questionnaires, goals, and ideas I got
from it will MORE than pay for the modest cost of the book. In
fact, I think it was one of my most valuable investments I have
made for my business.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. This will be a
future reference book for me and I'll recommend it to any
musicians who book weddings. I'm so proud to know you...
Although we're 4000 miles apart, I feel like you're as
close as my phone. And who knows, I'm still up in the air about
my location. You and Tahoe are a VERY strong draw.

Kris Lee-Scott
"Beautiful Healing Music by Hanai"

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