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Advertising Tips for Using MySpace, Part 2 (Not Just a Blog Entry for Musicians)

Here's a continuation of my last blog post...The following tips, and much more, are just part of my contribution to Joan Stewart's new e-book, "How to Be A Kick-Butt Publicity Hound". To order please visit

8 Tips to Getting Started:

1. If you are a musician or entertainer, sign up for an Artist Account, which is set up to aid you in reaching your target audience.
Be very specific about the genre of music you play and what you sound like, because people who want to find you will be able to find you. If you say you sound like The Rolling Stones, anyone doing a search for The Rolling Stones on MySpace will also find your page. Similarly, if you are an author, be specific about other authors who write comparable material. If you state that your influence is Stephen King, anyone searching for Stephen King pages on MySpace will find you.

2. Select a name for your MySpace page account that reflects your business name. Keep your exposure on MySpace business-like at all times.

3. Select a photo for your profile that will draw people who are interested in your business to your MySpace page.
I have a creative studio shot instead of a headshot. I can't tell you how many times people have told me that they checked out my MySpace page just because they liked my profile photo. You'll want your photo to stand out when someone runs a search.

4. Security is a major issue to consider when setting up a MySpace page.
You may have heard that there are crazy people roaming around on MySpace. Well, there are crazies roaming around the entire Internet, too. Unlike your official website where your webmaster sets up a force field of security around your site, this is simply not the case on MySpace.

This is one of the reasons why you should avoid including personal information on your page. But you should also take measures to make your page secure. When you set up your page, there are a number of security options you can use for your page. In the Account Settings, you can block certain users that bother you, and you can make custom Spam Presets and Communication Settings.

5. The following are necessary to your sanity on MySpace:

A. Require that you approve all comments before they are posted.

B. Do not allow any comments to contain HTML-otherwise, you will receive all kinds of graphics in the comments that will slow down the download speed of your MySpace page.

C. Don't allow just anyone to send you invitations, or you'll spend a lot of time deleting a bunch of junk.

D. Don't set your page to "Private", otherwise, only your friends will be able view your page. If you are using MySpace as a billboard for your business, why make your advertisement private?

E. Never set an "Away Message". People cannot send you messages or comments if you are in "Away" mode. It's like shutting down your website when you are gone out of town. Who does that?

6. You'll need to know some HTML code to set up your page.
You don't need to take a college extension class to learn this language. I suggest purchasing the book, "MySpace Maxed Out", published by Bottletree Books. It is written primarily for rock bands, but it offers an understandable tutorial for setting up a profile.

7. Use the "skin" that comes with the MySpace page.
It may look plain, but it downloads the quickest. Enhance your page by attaching players from YouTube, links to your products on sale on,, and elsewhere. And advertise your official website all over your page. Utilize the applications that come with the page set up: Add photos, a blog, a calendar, but like Facebook, avoid the silly additional applications that you can download and send to Friends. The MySpace page is a business advertisement.

8. MySpace is available around the world, so you may receive messages in languages other than your own.
Download an application on your computer that translates verbiage into your language of use. If you have a Mac, download a translator widget. This will allow you to communicate with all your fans, and people in other countries will appreciate it if they don't have to fumble about in your language.

Next time, I'll offer some tips on how to manage your MySpace page once it is up and running.

Are you a wedding musician or interested in performing at weddings? I also cover the topic of marketing yourself on MySpace in my book "The Musician's Guide to Brides" You can find this book at , , and wherever Hal Leonard Books are sold. You can also view pages from the book and purchase it directly from my website at Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos.

Have additional ideas about successfully marketing yourself on MySpace? Please share them as a comment below.

Anne Roos
Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos

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