Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Welsh Lovespoon

The lovespoon may have represented an early type of engagement ring, or perhaps the acceptance of the carved spoon at least meant the beginning of a serious courtship, "going steady", so to speak. Could this be where the term "spooning" originated? This custom
originated in Wales during the 17th century.

The most elaborate lovespoons are carved from one piece of wood, demonstrating the skill of the carvers. The handle of the spoon is often intricately decorated with various symbols-keys, hearts, balls, wheels, and bells-each representing such blessings as love, good luck, children, wealth, and health.

Copyright © 2005 by Anne Roos, excerpt from the liner notes to "Haste to the Wedding" CD, available on the Cambria Master Recordings Label. All rights reserved.

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