Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anne Roos--Coming to See You?

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to perform at my cousin Joel's wedding. I traveled some 700 miles to get there, and I was tickled to perform for a reunion of many relatives whom I haven't seen in years. After I returned home, Joel asked me whether I'd tour up and down the coast of California, playing house concerts in the towns where my relatives reside--A "Highway 101 Tour", so to speak. I'm thrilled with the idea and look forward to seeing it unfold this coming Fall or Winter.

Then, it got me thinking. I'd like to see you, too! It would be so cool to meet you, in person!

One of my favorite things to do is house concerts, where I can really get to know the people I play for (and with!). These events are so much fun, and so memorable, that it's a growing national trend. American Airlines did a story on it last December, and CNN will be doing a story about it. Are you a little bit curious? 

·    Watch the short video that people use to promote these great events to their friends. 

·    If you think your living room is too small, you'll LOVE this.

Some of you may be thinking, "I'll wait until Anne plays another public performance in a bookstore". But currently, bookstores are pulling back on selling CDs due to the popularity of online downloads, so they just aren't as interested in hosting concerts anymore. Because of this trend, I am turning to this new way of touring and performing. It's the best way to share my music, including the cover tunes (tunes you know and love) from my new albums. As a means to reach more people, I'm seeking out House Concerts and Dinner and Song Concerts in addition to playing at weddings and corporate events.

I'd love to play for you and your friends, so please contact me if you are interested. We can compare calendars and decide when I could be in your area.

Just one other thing:
If you add a comment below and tell me what you like (or don't like) about DinnerAndSong and ConcertsinYourHome, I'll send you a link to an album download of one of my past CDs (really!)--This is how much I want you to spread the word about my availability to play a concert just for you and your friends. But this offer expires April 1, 2011, so you need to comment now...

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