Sunday, July 24, 2011

For Musicians: The Power of Gratitude

I had a very busy wedding weekend, performing at weddings at like Tahoe's beautiful Lakeside Beach and the gorgeous Edgewood. I also performed at St. Francis of Assisi at Incline Village, a beautiful church overlooking Lake Tahoe on a picture-perfect summer day. I always look forward to Father Bill's wedding sermon. He always knows how to make the congregation laugh and relax, and at Saturday's wedding, he pointed out the bride's neon high-top converse shoes beneath her gown.

 I once commented to Father Bill about how much I enjoy his services and how he gets everyone to laugh during the ceremony. His response was something like, "The couple can't pray when they are nervous. So laughter relaxes them so that they can pray. A wedding is, after all, a prayer."

And I remembered this response during Saturday's wedding and thought, "I'm so grateful to be here to play at this wedding. At all weddings. At all my gigs."

Then, I read the Musician's Cooler Blog today. My friend David Jackson wrote about Staying Professional at a Gig. He mentions some great info....

1. Stay calm--give your client what they want with a smile
2. Keep the big picture in view--understand how your attitude will affect others
3. Wait till the next band practice to discuss the situation and how to handle it in the future--Don't air your complaints in front of your client and their guests. Wait till you have all cooled off and can discuss things rationally.

My suggestion: Come to the gig with an attitude of gratitude.

Want to add your suggestions? Please comment below.

I look forward to seeing you at my next gig at Synapse Wines this coming Saturday!

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