Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take a Break--Take a Celtic Quiz

You're bored or you need a break from sifting through your inbox or working on your next bestseller. You're surfing the 'net for something interesting, and you come across a quiz...And you go for it.

Testing your knowledge is a great way to take a break from computer work. Take a break right now and test your knowledge about the secrets of the U.K. and Ireland in this short quiz.

I scored a dismal 70%, but if you are into history or have traveled to these lands, you'll stand a better chance. Have you recently taken a fun Celtic quiz? Please include the link below in the comments.

Would you like to share your love of Celtic culture, Celtic music, and Celtic harps? I'm always happy to feature guest bloggers, even if you'd just like to share a delicious recipe, a fun tune, or a short quiz. Contact me through the email address on my website at to submit your article. 

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