Sunday, April 5, 2009

Way Cool! Roctober Magazine Reviews Anne Roos' CD Book Collection

In issue #46 of Roctober Magazine, you’ll find Flamin’ Waymon Timbsdayle’s review of my albums. Here’s what he had to say:

“Roos is a master of the enchanting, angelic Irish harp, and these CDs tell cinematic, romantic stories more vividly than narratives with extraneous things like words ever could.”

Roctober Magazine (and on MySpace) is a journal of in-depth interviews, lengthy articles, brilliant comics, and ridiculous reviews celebrating unjustly obscure musical icons, enigmas, and eccentrics. Roctober is wild, cool, and simply put, not your grandmother’s magazine. I am tickled that my music was reviewed in this magazine--It proves that Celtic music can be cool, too.

My CD book collection is on the Cambria Master Recordings label. The entire collection can be purchased at a discount at my website, and I'll also autograph them for you. And can also be purchased online at,, and many online stores.

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