Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Sent Your Sweetie a Valentine's Day Greeting?

It's less than a week away, and thoughts of love are in the air. Can you feel it? Valentine's Day is approaching!

If you just can't think of what to say to your sweetheart, send an e-card. It's quick and easy and you can say "I Love You" and whisper sweet nothings in your loved one's ears from the comfort of your computer. And you can even send an e-card that contains my harp music!

Hop on over to Banjo Bunny E-Cards and find something unique to say--in a beautifully unique way--to your honey bunny. Make sure to visit the "Love More" e-card that contains my version of "The Manx Courting Song" from my Haste to the Wedding CD.

May your heart be warmed on Valentine's Day,
Anne :-)

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