Monday, February 21, 2011

Your Romantic Ways to Wed?

In the recent posts, I’ve shared some Celtic, Irish, and Scottish wedding traditions. Before sharing some of the more unusual wedding traditions from around the world, I'd like to open up the conversation and hear from you:

• What are your favorite wedding traditions?

• Does your family have a new and fun wedding tradition?

• Did you start a new tradition that your children and grandchildren now follow?

Please comment with your new romantic ideas to tie the knot for anyone who is looking for a novel way to add some spice to their wedding festivities. Romance is never out of date, even if Valentine's Day has passed.

Next time: Unusual wedding traditions from around the world.....


Lou Ann said...

In Mexican weddings, the bride and groom have padrons or patrons who pay for various parts of the wedding; rehearsal dinner, reception, showers, etc. On the wedding day, the padrons march down the aisle, too. They carry the traditional gifts; the coins, the bible, and the lasso.
The lasso is a giant rosary, usually sparkling crystals, that is wrapped around the bride and groom as they kneel at the altar. After the priest blesses it with holy water, it is removed. Then the bible is blessed, and finally the coins(representing dowery). Then newly married couple presents flowers to the altar of the virgin. After that, there is the eucharist part of the mass.

The reception is full tilt Mexican: mariachis, beans, rice, and fajitas or gorditas. Margaritas, and dancing, too. The brides veil(very long) is danced under by a long line of wedding guests to a song called "la vibera del mar" or the sea snake. It evolved from a Mexican children's game.

Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos said...

Thank you for the wonderful information, Lou Ann!