Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Amazing Album from An Amazing Harpist-Anne Roos' Latest Review

I just have to share this amazing review from my album,
" A Light in the Forest".

“Anne Roos is an amazing harpist, and this CD showcases her
talents beautifully,” says Catherine L. Tully about Anne Roos’
performance on her most recent album release, A Light in the
Forest. She adds, “Roos’ harp music is effortless. Gliding and
sliding over notes, she shows her skill time and again...”

Here is Ms. Tully’s entire review, as it appears on the Celtic
MP3s Music Magazine website:

“Anne Roos is an amazing harpist and this CD showcases her
talents beautifully. A small musical group joins her on this
effort, which highlights songs about woodland creatures such as
fairies, nymphs and trolls. A 31 page hardcover book comes with
the CD and it talks about various folk history and legends--a
nice touch to a well thought out musical effort.

The group provides a lovely sound. Cds that are put forth only
showcasing harp music can be nice, but it is equally wonderful to
have some additional accompaniment; and it expands the amount of
people that it will appeal to as well.

Roos' harp music is effortless. Gliding and sliding over notes,
she shows her skill time and again, but this isn't "gaudy" music.
It's simple, pretty fare. At 18 tracks, there are quite a few
songs to enjoy here, each offering its own mood and feel. The
gentleness of the harp is underscored in some pieces, the
yearning almost palpable. If you love the instrument, you have
to listen to this and see what can be done with the various
arrangements. If you aren't a huge fan of the harp, there are
still plenty of tracks here that you can enjoy.”

The author of this review, Catherine L. Tully, is a freelance
writer and photographer. She specializes in the arts. She has
written for American Style and Classical Singer, among other
magazines, and reviews music for Marc Gunn's Celtic MP3s Music
Magazine. You can reach her through her website at

This article appears on The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine--a free
monthly online Celtic music magazine featuring free music
downloads of Celtic, Scottish, Irish music from around the world.
The website is hosted by Marc Gunn. He also hosts five podcasts,
including the Renaissance Festival Podcast and the highly
celebrated Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, which is one of the most
popular music podcasts on iTunes.

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