Thursday, August 21, 2008

Valuable Tips on How to Select a Musician

Whether hiring a musician for a wedding ceremony, reception, business or social event, it is wise to start your search as soon as your date is set. Professional musicians, orchestras, bands and soloists may be booked a year in advance. Here are some guidelines to use when making a decision about the type of music you want:

  1. Choose the type of musicians & instruments
    Take into consideration the size of the venue and the acoustics. The music should be a compliment to the event, not too overpowering

  2. Get references
    Chances are that if other people have been pleased with the musician you will be too. Don't be afraid to ask for and check references of the performer you are considering.
  3. Audition whenever possible
    This will give you an overall feel for the musicians’ style of music and "stage" presence. Auditions can be in person, over the phone, by tape or video. Audio CDs let you sample the style and expertise of the musician. Video and DVDs additionally allows you to see the appearance of the performer. Make sure you like the quality of the music and that it is appropriate for the event.

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